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Progress to date:

  1. Defibrillator: the Moy defibrillator has now been fitted to its permanent location – on the house wall (side) at Garden Cottage on Moy estate IV13 7YQ (Alastair Fraser).  You are welcome to stop by and familiarise yourself with both its location and the defibrillator itself. Also if you would like to borrow the User’s Guide to have a browse through then please let me (Marian) know and I will drop it off.  Many thanks to Alastair for allowing the defibrillator to be sited at his house.
  2. Planters: the planters are now in place and lovely plaques have been attached.  They have been planted with Autumn flowering heathers and plants. Bulbs are sleeping deep down waiting patiently for Spring to arrive!  Can we ask that everyone keeps an eye on the planters and the plants and if ever there is a problem please let us know. Also feel free to tend them if anything is needed to be done eg watering in dry weather.
  3. Tidying up and maintaining the footpath from the School House to the estate road end: the work will be carried out by McGowans of Aviemore.  We are waiting on a potential start date. A suggestion has been made that we have small lights along the length of the path – like those you might see on driveways.  The MSC is looking into this but we would welcome your thoughts and ideas.
  4. Tidying up the path around Moy Loch (Birch walk): This is taking a little longer than planned.  We are asking for tenders to be submitted by contractors who wish to carry out this work.
  5. New signs for Moy, Ruthven and Lynebeg: the MSC have looked at different place signs and have decided on new wooden signs.  We are currently approaching a design company in Inverness to have drawings produced.
  6. E bikes: unfortunately we were not successful in our application this time. However we may try again at a later date.
  7. Meeting place: as a longer term project the MSC is considering a ‘meeting up place’ for local residents.  Initial discussions are taking place at the moment.
  8. Bus shelters: up to date bus timetables and defibrillator posters have been placed in the two bus shelters with notice boards

 The Moy Sub-Committee has its own folder in the Document library on the Strathdearn community website where you can keep up to date with the minutes of meetings, background documents and the latest reports.  

The sub-committee members want everyone to keep in touch so, if you want to contribute or give any feedback, please feel free to contact any of the sub-committee members at any time. The members are Marian Hendry (Chair, 511386), Iain Macdonald (Vice Chair), Alastair Fraser, Davie Cameron, John Clarke, Jimmy Duncan.

Finally, the MSC is coming to the end of its first year and for us it has been a quick year. Our term ends on 11th November.  Anyone in the area can put themselves forward to be elected on to the committee for the forthcoming year - all you need to do is complete and submit your form.

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