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The Moy Sub-committee (MSC) has a new member – we would like to welcome Davie Cameron and we look forward to working with him.  Davie is the Community Council representative on the committee. He has lived in Moy all his life and has an in-depth knowledge of our area.

Progress to date:

  1. Defibrillator: the defibrillator will be permanently sited in a box opposite the Old Inn in Moy.  The box has been ordered and it will be erected on arrival.
  2. Planters: the planters have arrived but will not be in situ until August when schools go back.  A group of pupils from Inverness High School will plant and maintain the planters throughout the year.
  3. Tidying up and maintaining the footpath from the School House to the estate road end: one quote for this work has been received and we are currently waiting on a second quote.
  4. Tidying up the path around Moy Loch (Birch walk): Marian and Alastair met up with a member of the Forestry Commission and had a walk along the Birch walk. Working together with the Forestry Commission we are planning on clearing the Birch walk to make it more accessible to walkers and cyclists as it has become very overgrown recently.  It is also hoped to have a small parking area for around 2 - 4 cars.
  5. Rubbish around Moy Loch: the Forestry Commission is as keen as we are to keep the area around the loch rubbish free.  Please let any member of the MSC know if there are any problem areas and we will inform the Forestry Commission.  They thanked Charlie Cameron for the massive clear up at the end of June after the school party.
  6. New signs for Moy: the MSC is looking into replacing the MOY signs with ones more in keeping with the area, perhaps wooden ones.  We could perhaps incorporate the planters into the signs. This is still under discussion but if you have any ideas please get in touch with any member of the MSC.
  7. E bikes: The MSC is applying for a grant to help purchase six electric bikes for the use of local residents.  We will let you know in due course if we are successful.
  8. Meeting place: as a longer term project the MSC is considering a ‘meeting up place’ for local residents.  Initial discussions are taking place at the moment.


 The Moy Sub-Committee has its own folder in the Document library on the Strathdearn community website where you can keep up to date with the minutes of meetings, background documents and the latest reports.  

The sub-committee members want everyone to keep in touch so, if you want to contribute or give any feedback, please feel free to contact any of the sub-committee members at any time. The members are Marian Hendry (Chair), Iain Macdonald (Vice Chair), Alastair Fraser, Davie Cameron, John Clarke, Jimmy Duncan.

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