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Moy BBAt a vote after the Cadispa report on Monday 14th November, Moy residents voted almost unanimously for Option 2 which is the BT Openreach option. In addition, there were 3-4 who could not make the meeting who also voted for option 2.

Option 2 – BT Openreach:

Strathdearn Community Developments has also been in touch with BT Openreach directly. The Openreach proposal would be to install 3 new Fibre cabinets subject to survey and planning agreement, one at Dalmagarry (delivering to properties estimated speeds between 1.6-60.2mbps) and 2 cabinets in Moy (24.7 –80.0mbps and 27.8 –42.6mbps).


The Openreach gap funded option will cost around £100K to implement. Although each property can claim up to £350 Better broadband vouchers. If we get every property to register, we could claim up to £17K off the total. Realistically it is likely that the total cost will be around £85K (£15K of vouchers). Openreach will own the network fully, therefore being future proofed and will continue to repair and maintain thereafter as they do today. This will take up to 1 year to implement as this will also have to go through planning and design process. There is no obligation on anyone to take fibre when it is in the village, but we anticipate a significant majority would want to access the benefits available from this opportunity.

The vote was organised by James Macpherson on behalf of Strathdearn Community Developments. James immediately contacted Robert Thorburn of BT Openreach to request that he begin implementing the scheme.

Moy residents are strongly encouraged to register for a Better Broadband voucher. The aim is to get as many properties as possible to sign up to help minimise the cost of this project for the community. It is important that even non-internet users register so our community can save the maximum amount of money. The vouchers have to be applied for as part of a scheme rather than on an individual basis. Victoria Cameron-Mackintosh of SCD is awaiting a call from a representative of the Better Broadband scheme who will tell us how and when to apply. She will then contact all Moy residents to assist them in registering for the vouchers.

Thanks are due to James for the tremendous effort he has put in to bring this about.

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