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The Strathdearn Daycare Centre is a registered charity that provides childcare for nursery and primary school age children.  The children’s daycare centre complements the Strathdearn Primary School and Nursery by providing childcare immediately after nursery and school finishes, ensuring seamless childcare for busy parents.  This means childcare is available in our community from 9am – 6pm, Monday – Friday during term-time.

The Strathdearn Daycare Centre is the first of its kind in a rural Highland village and is a huge benefit to living in the Strathdearn catchment area.

The Strathdearn Daycare Centre is approved by the Care Inspectorate and childcare is provided by the Care and Learning Alliance (CALA) on the charities behalf, ensuring safe and quality childcare is always provided.

Our Aim

Our aim is to provide safe, sustainable and affordable childcare for families within the Strathdearn and surrounding area. We hope this will reduce some of the childcare stress felt by parents, help remove barriers to employment, to offer interesting and stimulating play for the children and hope we can have a positive impact on the economic development of our community.

What’s on offer?

The Strathdearn Daycare Centre provides two childcare sessions Monday to Friday during term-time only.  The first session is called Full Wrap Around care and the second is an Out of School Club.  Both sessions are held in the village (i.e. Tomatin) within the school/nursery facility.

Full Wrap Around care (FWA)

Who:  Children aged 3 – 5.
Time: 12.10pm – 3.15pm.
Cost:      £10 per child, per day (discount available for siblings).
Meals:  Parents are required to either provide a packed lunch or order a school meal (payable to the school)

Out of School Club (OOSC)

Who:    Children aged 3 - 12.
Time:    3.15pm – 6pm.
Costs:   £10 per child, per day (discount available for siblings).
Meals:  Healthy snacks available.

The cost of attending both sessions is £20 per child, per day (discount available for siblings).

Ad hoc sessions

Ad hoc sessions are available for parents who don’t need to use the Strathdearn Daycare Centre on a regular basis – particularly helpful during an emergency or for those who simply need more time.

What:   Occasional use, can be booked in advance or on the day (subject to availability).
Who:   Ad hoc sessions are available for FWA and/or OOSC, see details above.
Time:     As stated in the FWR and OOSC above.
Cost:        £11 per child, per session i.e. £22 for both sessions (discount available for siblings).
Meals: See FWR and OOSC above.

Healthy snacks and/or drinks are included.

For more information

For more information contact the Strathdearn Daycare team on 

07756 856 777 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..The team are available 11.30am - 6pm, Monday to Friday, term-time only.

Book our Facilities

Use the online booking system to check availablity and request a booking for Tomatin Village Hall or the Sports Facility.

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