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A few weeks ago there was a bit of a debate on speeding in Old Mill Road, which seemed to end fairly amicably. Having said that, I have noticed quite a few heavy construction vehicles, and some smaller ones, passing up Old Mill Road presumably en route for Distillery Wood recently – and some of these could do with slowing down a bit!  There have also been complaints about Station Road, where, like Old Mill Road, the legal speed limit may be 30mph – but surely common sense would dictate driving much slower past houses where there are children or older people who might not be as quick on their feet as they used to be (getting to that stage myself these days!) 

Speeding is an issue that comes up regularly at Community Council Meetings, and the advice from the Community Police Officer is to forward offending registration numbers to them. But surely, with a bit of goodwill and consideration, that won’t be necessary. We’re a small community with a good reputation for caring about each other – so let’s put that into practice this summer, and ease off that accelerator! The front page of the Courier today shows a wee boy of four, in a hospital bed after being knocked down outside his house in Inverness - don’t let this, or worse, happen in Tomatin or Moy. Nobody wants a tragedy here. It’s lovely to see so many wee ones around the village (Tomatin) now – let’s try to keep them safe!

Vivian Roden

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