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CC Meeting nov 17The next meeting of the Strathdarn Community Council will be on Tuesday 12th November at 7.30pm in the Strathdearn Hall.   All members of the public welcome at this meeting.


Please see below details of two items on the agenda which may be of particular interest:


  1. FUNDING OF THE COMMUNITY HUB – Folks will be aware, from the article in the ‘Strathdearn Newsletter’ (also available via the website) that our development company, Strathdearn Community Developments, did not get the Big Lottery grant they were hoping for.  The reason given for turning down the application was that our community is better resourced going forward than any other applicant, taking into consideration the funds available to the community at the time of the application.  Dr Richard Cooling, Chairman of Strathdearn Community Developments will attend to discuss the implications of this.


If you’re not able to get to the meeting:

  • You can ask any member of the Community Council to pass on your views, or
  • Comment via the Strathdearn Facebook Page

but please, do let us know what you think.  The community’s view on how to take this forward is vital.


  1. TOMATIN (GARBOLE) SUBSTATION – The draft proposal which follows has been drawn up by SSEN at the request of Community Council  representatives on the Community Liaison Group for limited and controlled access to the Community Shop by SSEN workers to help the viability of the Shop, considered a lifeline service by the Community Council.    

Tomatin Substation 132kV/275kV

Small vehicle use of Glen Road, Tomatin – workforce trade for Tomatin Village Shop v1

7 November 2017

Tomatin Substation successfully gained planning permission on 18 November 2016.

The Traffic Management Plan (TMP) for the Tomatin Substation project at Garbole Wood forms part of the planning consent.  This includes an undertaking which prohibits the use of the Glen Road for construction traffic.

Construction traffic will access the substation site via an access track from the A9 between Daviot and Moy. Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) is committed to adhering to this condition and we are carrying out works according to our planning consent.

Concerns have been raised to the Community Liaison Group (CLG) regarding the potential impact to the Village Shop missing out on footfall and passing trade because our workforce are unable to utilise the Glen Road to access the substation site.  This was presented to the CLG by the village shop (Jimmy Duncan, Director of Strathdearn Developments) on 25 October 2017.

In discussion, the community representatives at the CLG are concerned about increased traffic movements through the village and on the Glen Road.  They also realised the benefit to the community shop that might be available if we could agree a process for the workforce to access the Village Shop via the Glen Road.

The community representatives of the CLG requested that SSEN provide a paper for consideration by the Community Council (CC) which will allow for an agreed amount of additional traffic for maximum benefit in footfall to the shop and includes appropriate control measures. As follows;

  • SSEN has agreed to the request in good faith but wish to emphasise that we have no intention to utilise the Glen Road unless this is mandated by the Community Council and subsequently by the Highland Council Planning Department. SSEN is proposing that the minibuses which would take the workforce from the A9 site compound to Substation site via the consented access road would instead come via Tomatin village and utilise the Glen Road to access the Substation site. This would allow for the workforce to stop at the Village shop before arriving at the substation site.
  • We propose permitted vehicles will be minibuses, SSEN 4X4’s and a small van.
  • All permitted vehicles will display a “SSEN Permit” in the form of a number and this will be clearly displayed in the vehicles’ windscreen at all times.  (This will allow residents to identify the SSEN permitted vehicles).
  • All drivers of permitted vehicles will be briefed on permit conditions and will include a maximum speed limit on the Glen Road - we propose this will be 35MPH. A 20MPH speed limit has been agreed and will be observed through Tomatin village.
  • The conduct of drivers will be monitored by SSEN on a regular basis, through the use of an SSEN observer and vehicle.
  • The last mini-bus each morning will pass through Tomatin Village no later than 8.15am to avoid the period of children going to school.
  • The shop would need to be open from 7am and stock a range of newspapers and baked/grocery goods suitable for site meals.

It is proposed that when agreement to terms have been finalised, a trial period will take place and following which, feedback is provided to the CLG for implementation of any lessons learnt. The CLG will subsequently report back to the CC on any findings.  

SSEN and the Contractor would like to continue a dialogue with local residents throughout the works period to ensure that road rules and conditions are adhered to.  

Communication will be principally through scheduled CLG meetings.

The SSEN points of contact for local residents are:

  • Neil Macdonald (SSEN Construction Manager)     07584 313588

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • Alistair Muir (SSEN Project Manager)         07876 836944

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Jenna Black (SSEN Community Liaison)         07342 027725

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The Community Council also invites you to make your views known:

  • at the CC meeting
  • to any member of the Community Liaison Group (Edward Usborne 511482; Steve MacLennan 511706; Vivian Roden 511355; Peter Bennett 531235;  Carol James 531220)
  • or via the Strathdearn Facebook Page.   

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