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Photo gal picIt's time to tackle the photo gallery on this website. There are a few photos carried over from the previous website but I'm going to delete them, start afresh, and be extremely fussy about what I include. The motto of this gallery will be "quality not quantity."

There are some great photographers in Strathdearn. I'm asking you to look through your collections and send me your best shots. You probably have hundreds so how about selecting just the best six initially, that will guarantee quality. And for the rest of us who don't have expensive cameras and spend hours waiting for the light to be right, there are still the lucky moments when we were in just the right place at just the right time to capture a special moment - I'd like those too, please. All that matters is that they are taken locally and be beautiful or interesting

I've contacted Sarah to see if we can get a more user-friendly gallery. The present one is quite clumsy to navigate around. But in the meantime there's no reason why we can't be collecting photos.
I'd like pictures to be be 800px - 1200px wide and accompanied by a short description including the year and your name if you want it included. I've put a couple of examples in a new folder called "Local Wildlife" which you can find HERE.

We'll start with 3 categories - people, places, and wildlife - and no doubt a "miscellaneous" category will follow in due course, and it would be nice to collaborate with our annual Flower Show to add a folder of the photography competition winners each year.

People : Imagine if this website existed 50 years ago, or even just  20, how interesting it would be to browse through photos of the old Strathdearn characters. Well let's create that situation. Dig out pictures of people who are no longer around. Don't forget to include their name, a wee bit about the photo, and the date. I'll group photos by decade and before we know it, we'll have an instant nostalgia-fest. And don't neglect to send in recent ones too - new  photos are the old photos of the future. Bear in mind that not everybody wants their picture on the internet so be responsible. School class photos? Group shot from the gamekeepers' Christmas dinner or a party in the hall? Good quality group photos are particularly interesting to look back on.

Places : We live in a beautiful area where anyone can take a nice photo, so we want only GREAT photos! Buildings as well as landscapes. Especially interesting will be shots of places before they changed - got knocked down, built on or planted over. I'll make a subcategory called "Before They Changed" if I get enough examples. Include in the description the location and perhaps the time of year and a few words to add interest.

Wildlife : Strictly local shots only. I don't care how cute that kangaroo is, we don't want it here! Photos in this category will range from great shots of common wildlife to as long as it's recognisable for rare wildlife. Actually, perhaps I should call the category "Nature" with subcategories of "Wildlife," and "Plant life."  We should aim to build up a comprehensive catalogue of our local flora and fauna. Again, include some interesting detail about the shot, perhaps time and place.

It will probably take a couple of weeks to get the gallery sorted the way I want it, but please start thinking about and sending me photos now. You can email them to me (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or send me a flickr/dropbox/whatever link. If you have old photos, you can drop them off at the Old Post Office and I'll scan and return them. Let's start off by saying no more than six shots in each category, and I'll get back to  some of you if you have a particularly valuable collection.

I keep going on about this website being a great community resource and this is another example of what I mean. Together we can make this photo gallery a legacy for the kids and a showcase for visitors. Is that what you thought too? Snap!

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