Community Council

Office Bearers

Chairman: Mrs Vivian Roden: 15 Old Mill Road, Tomatin, IV13 7YW

Vice Chairman: Mr Edward Usborne, The Heights, Tomatin, IV13 7YN

Treasurer: Mrs Margaret Saunders, Lynemore, Moy, IV13 7YE

Planning Contact: Mr Duncan Bryden, Rose Cottage, Tomatin IV13 7YN

Other Members:

Mr John Cameron-Mackintosh, Morilemore, Tomatin, IV13 7YN

Mrs Ann Glynne-Percy, Tigh-an-Lochain, Tomatin, IV13 7XX

Mr Symen Anton Gerlings, Stille Willie, Tomatin, IV13 7XY

Mrs Denise Barley, Lauriston, Tomatin, IV13 7YN

Minutes & Contact Secretary: Ms Lee-Anne Cornwall, 5 Old Mill Road, Tomatin, IV13 7YW

Community Council Meetings

Community Council Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month 7.30pm in the Strathdearn Hall.

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